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Citizens, local merchants, and especially youth are willing to give of their time to help others enjoy the covered bridge by volunteering at festivals, and other rewarding events that the organization brings folks together to enjoy. One of the Association's main goals is to preserve the historic covered bridge. Equally important is their desire to preserve as much history as possible pertaining to the historic landmark.

Some of the Kreidersville Covered Bridge Association's undertakings are: Kreidersville Covered Bridge Festival held every two years in June, and their Christmas tree lighting and caroling in December.


  • Tiffany Becker / President
  • Mary Austin / Vice President
  • Amy Hower / Treasurer
  • Sue Irons / Secretary

The Only Remaining Covered Bridge in Northampton County, PA.
The Historic Kreidersville Covered Bridge was built in 1839.

In 1959, inspired citizens of Northampton County rallied for its preservation after it became known that the State Highway Department had plans to build a new concrete bridge in its place. Kreidersville Covered Bridge became one of the first covered bridges to be recognized for preservation by a committee of enthusiasts. That same year, they formed a State organization called "The Theodore Burr Covered Bridge Society of Pennsylvania." The society was named for the arched truss patented by Theodore Burr and used in the construction of the bridge.

In 1960, The Burr Covered Bridge Society, together with The Harmony Grange and local citizens, influenced the Northampton County Commissioners to accept ownership after the Pennsylvania State Highway Department restored the bridge. Kreidersville Covered Bridge crosses the Hokendauqua Creek. Its length is 116 feet. On September 30, 1961, State, County and local representatives took part in the re-dedication of the bridge, then known as Solt's Bridge. Kreidersville bridge in olden days was known in the community as "Hummel's-Koch's-Solt's Bridge." They were names of families who lived near the bridge in years gone by.

Use the left/right arrows to scroll images. Solt's Bridge (circa mid-late 1950s)

Pennsylvania is the Covered Bridge Capital of the World!
Pennsylvania has approximately 250 of the remaining 600 covered bridges in the United States. From the moment you enter the cobblestone drive at the entrance of the historic Kreidersville Covered Bridge you can feel the peace and tranquility of this country place. Nearby is the Covered Bridge gazebo built by Wasyl Mauser, his son and other Members of his Scout troop 40 assisted. It is nestled near the trees and gently flowing Hokendauqua Creek.

Allen Township became the proud owner of this bridge on December 23, 1997. It is the only covered bridge of three in the immediate area to survive and the only one left in Northampton County. Today it proudly bears the name Kreidersville Covered Bridge.

Kreidersville Covered Bridge is 116 feet long and of one span, and is of the Burr construction with a curved truss support. It was originally called Hummel's Bridge and then Solt's Bridge.

Burr Truss coupled with a multiple king post design provides the support structure for all seven of Lehigh Valley's covered bridges. The arch of the Burr Truss provided a stronger support than the king post truss and therefore allowed a longer span to be built. One of the earliest and most prominent bridge builders in our country was Theodore Burr from Torringford, Connecticut. His career began in New York where he built a bridge spanning the Hudson River in 1804. Burr's truss design soon became one of the more frequently used sytems. The Burr arch truss, as the design became known, used two long arches, resting on the abutements on either end, that typically sandwiched a multiple kingpost structure. There are more bridges in Pennsylvania using the Burr truss design than any other construction.

Burr Truss
Theodore Burr's original patents were lost in a Patent Office fire in 1836.
Depicted above is a recreated drawing of his U.S. Patent No. 2769X dated April 3, 1817.

Other truss designs used in various parts of the country included the Howe truss, Warren truss, Smith truss, Queen post Truss and Town Truss. For more information on the different types of truss construction, please visit the The Theodore Burr Covered Bridge Society of PA.

Use the left/right arrows to scroll images. Solt's Bridge still in active use (circa 1968).

Chronological Events

  • 1959: Northampton county citizens Rally for preservation of the Kreidersville Covered Bridge. They formed a state organization, the Theodore Burr Covered Bridge Society of Pennsylvania, Inc. Named for the arched truss patented by Theodore Burr, and used in the construction of the Kreidersville Covered Bridge.
  • 1960: Northampton County Commissioners accepted ownership of the bridge.
  • Sep 30,1961: Rededication of the bridge, then known as Solt's bridge.
  • Dec 1, 1980: Kreidersville Covered Bridge added to the National Register of Historic Places.
  • Dec 23, 1997: Allen Township Pa, became proud owners of the bridge.
  • 2008: Exterior bridge painting was a beneficial beautification preservation project that took place the summer of 2008.
  • 2009: A beautiful gazebo was constructed on the Kreidersville Park grounds near the bridge. Scouts of Troop 40 and other local youth volunteered & assisted Wasyl Mauser with the construction and Paul Mauser with the excavating.

Donations of Time, Labor, and Property

  • 1998: Boy Scout Troop 40 members volunteered and restored deteriorating boards, scraped paint,and repainted the bridge.
  • 2000: Land for Kreidersville Covered Bridge Park was donated to the township.
  • 2004: Eagle Scout Cory Szapaks constructed his Eagle Scout project at the park.
  • 2005: Eagle Scout Wasyl Mauser (Boyscout Troop 40 of Allen Twp) designed and laid a cobblestone path at the entranceway to the bridge.
  • 2006: Eagle Scout Stephen Groller constructed a versaloc wall at Kreidersville Covered Bridge Park. Blair Hower landscaped to beautify the wall.
  • Sept 2006: Northampton Community College Student Bob Krill assists with preservation efforts. Measurements of the bridge were completed for insurance,repair purposes and damage reports.
  • 2007-2008: Progress at the site is evident. Construction of walls, fencing and additional cobblestone by troop 40 Scouts (under the leadership & assistance of scoutmaster Wasyl Mauser & son), enhanced the beauty of Kreidersville Covered Bridge Park.
  • 2009: Bridge painting by Amy Hower, Holly Mauser, and Becky Male. They donated their time. Wasyl Mauser and sons volunteer projects are ongoing at the historic bridge.
  • 2010: Creek bank restoration work by Trout Unlimited and other volunteers. Boy Scout Troop 40 project by Garrett Werkeiser.
    Constructing a picnic table with roof structure above it.

Kreidersville Covered Bridge
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